Macwahoc      F-101B      PAGE TWO
A turbine wheel from one of the aircraft's J-57 engines as found in 1962 (above) and Matt Jandreau with the same piece of wreckage in 1999 (right).
The compressor section of one of the J-57 engines, accordianed to less than 4' long, near the crater. Note the yellow paint used to "mark" the wreckage by the Air Force, so that it wouldn't be confused with a "new" crash during future air searches.
Wreckage that was piled along the crater rim by USAF personnel in 1962. On the left is part of a maintenance access panel for the fire control system. In the center is a piece of the fuselage nose skin with part of the letter "R" from U.S. AIR FORCE still visible. Many aluminum ingots from the intense post-crash fire are also visible.