KC-135A          61-265
January 4, 1965

Caswell Plantation
42nd Air Refueling Squadron
Loring Air Force Base
The aircraft took off for a 6 hour training mission at 0900. Shortly after becoming airborne, and while encountering heavy turbulance, #3 engine drag brace failed due to a missing nut. The engine swung up in front of the wing, causing a severe roll to the left. The aggressive control inputs in an attempt to level the aircraft resulted in both the #3 and #4 engines seperating from the wing. The aircraft then entered 90 degree right bank and crashed into the woods 12,650 feet north of the  runway. One hatch was jettisoned but none of the crew were able to bail out before impact. Killed in the crash were: Captain Kenneth Gomes, Pilot; Captain Mathew Ramstsch, Copilot; 1st Lieutenant John McCarron, Navigator; and Staff Sargent Jimmy Tardie, Boom Operator. This was one of five KC-135s lost at Loring AFB between 1958 and 1989.
44 years later, the impact area of the right wing is still discernable in the tree line
Section of fuselage skin with markings still visible.
Pieces of the right wing along the initial impact point with fill points and fuel bladder intact.
During my first (solo) trip to the site in October 2009. Playing with my camera balanced on a tree limb. I am holding a wing access panel with part of the USAF emblem on it.
A piece of fuselage skin with dayglow orange paint and black trim. I believe that this is from the tail section.
Hydraulic accumulator
Actuator rod
Unknown heat exchanger or cooling fins Landing gear
Part of the wreckage is distributed in a swamp
An eerie reminder of the violence of this crash. One of several fire damaged pieces of windscreen plexiglass found at the site.
The largest piece of wreckage left at the site is this section of wing skin
Landing gear tire embedded in the swamp
Fuel bladder
One of many sections of small tubing scattered across the site
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